Missing cat in UK returns home 7-yrs after disappearing

Saturday, January 29, 2011

LONDON - A pet cat that had been missing from its Liverpool home in the UK has returned seven-years after it disappeared.

Owner Carol Rogers, from West Derby, had put up posters, contacted local vets and offered a 250 pounds reward when her kitten Billy went missing in 2004.

She had almost forgotten who Billy was when a vet called to tell her that a woman had found him after she noticed he had a chip on him.

“I’m thinking ‘Billy, Billy, Billy - who’s Billy?’ I said I haven’t got an animal called Billy. I’ve got three other animals, but they’re not called Billy,” the BBC quoted Rogers as saying.

“So she said ‘No, Billy, Mrs Rogers - who you lost seven years ago’.

“I rang my husband at work - he works until 11 o’clock at night - and I said ‘Billy’s back’. And he said ‘Who’s Billy?’ And I said ‘Billy, the cat’.

“My husband couldn’t quite believe it until he came home and saw him - it was lovely, it was like he’d never been away,” she added.

The woman, who looks after and re-homes stray cats, took Billy into Park Veterinary Surgery in West Derby after she found him. (ANI)

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