MELBOURNE - A man in China was bitten on his penis by a snake as he was sitting down on the toilet.

LONDON - A wedding ceremony in Cambodia has attracted nearly 1,000 people - reason - the bride and groom are snakes.

NEW DELHI - Two more Australian athletes withdrew Sunday and a South African competitor reportedly found a snake in his room as complaints over cleanliness, security and construction continued to dog the troubled Commonwealth Games a week before the sporting event opens in New Delhi.

NEW DELHI - South African High Commissioner to India Harris Mbulelo Mejeke expressed his serious concern on Sunday stating that a snake was found in one of the rooms allotted to his country's contingent at the Games Village.

LONDON - A Brit man's heart-thumping stunt of spending 121 days with few of the most venomous snakes in a locked room has been rejected by Guinness World Records, as he didn't share a bathtub with them.
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