Migratory birds in Rajasthan delay their flight back

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jaipur, June 3 (ANI): Birds that migrated to Rajasthan from around the world have postponed their flight back home.

Nature and bird-lovers can now continue bird-watching as migratory birds, which generally fly back in the months of February and March can still be seen at the state’s Mansagar Lake.

Birds like flamingos, the Siberian crane, common teal, black tailed-Godwit and wood sandpiper can easily be spotted around the lake.

“Earlier when the water used to be dirty, these birds left in the month of January. This time due to availability of clean water the birds can be still seen. At present 25-30 species can be found here,” said Jai Singh Meena, a bird watcher.

Environmentalists say that global climate change could be confusing the migratory birds.

“These migratory birds come and leave according to the weather. They seem to be confused, as there is a lot of water during summers at some places and somewhere it is snowing; snow is melting when it shouldn’t. Therefore in such conditions they are confused and are still staying at Jaipur’s Mansagar Lake,” said Sandeep Gupta, an environmentalist.

Every year India attracts hundreds of species of birds, who are looking for warmer places for breeding, due to its diverse geography, climatic conditions and a long coastline. (ANI)

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