Endangered crocodiles in Uttar Pradesh

Friday, December 3, 2010

LUCKNOW - Annual census of the dwindling population of crocodiles and endangered ghariyals is underway along the River Chambal in Uttar Pradesh.

The census is conducted in the 80 kilometers region of the protected habitat along River Chambal. It began on December 1 and it will go on till March 2011.

After the mysterious death of about 215 crocodiles in 2008, a conservation attempt named ‘Crocodile Project’ has been implemented in the area, under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

Forest and wildlife officials said since the incident, patrolling in the river and other protection measures have resulted in better conservation of the species.

“Due to excess of lead content in the polluted water from the River Yamuna and due to various other factors, a lot of crocodiles died. The protection from our side has increased. We are more vigilant,” said Naval Kishore, Regional Forest Officer, Chambal.

Apart from the crocodiles and ghariyals, river dolphins and other aquatic animals are also a part of this census.

The wildlife officials estimated that the population of crocodiles and ghariyals is expected to grow this year in the State.

“Since last two years, we have recorded that every year there is five to six percent increase in their numbers,” said Kishore. (ANI)

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