Migratory birds in Jammu and Kashmir need protection

Friday, December 24, 2010

SRINAGAR - Authorities of Hokersar Wetlands Sanctuary in Jammu and Kashmir initiate remedial steps to protect thousands of migratory birds, which are affected by the severe cold wave prevailing in the region.

Birds come from Europe, China and Central Asia during winter for breeding to the Hokersar Wetlands Sanctuary.

The prevailing cold wave in the valley region has made life difficult for these birds.

“These migratory birds in Hokersar Wetlands are over six lakh in number. We have made prior arrangements for their supplementary feeding. We give them feed, we put their feed in big pools which have been set up this year so that they can get their feed from there and would not require to go anywhere else,” said Ghulam Ahmad Lone, Wildlife Warden, Hokersar Wetlands Sanctuary.

Ghulam Mohideen Bhat, a guard at the sanctuary, said these birds are guests and it is the duty to take care of them.

“It becomes difficult for us too in early morning but we feed these poor creatures. These guests come here from early morning and we protect and feed them,” said Bhat.

The Hokersar wetland, which used to be spread over a sprawling 13.5 sq km, has gradually become smaller due to encroachments.

The migratory birds include mallards, teals, shovellers, gadwalls, pochards, a few flocks of Greylag Geese and Ruddy Shelducks are seen at this sanctuary. By Fayaz Ahmad (ANI)

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