Brit woman spends 100K pounds on her Yorkshire Terriers

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LONDON - A woman in Britain has admitted to spending 100,000 pounds on her three Yorkshire Terriers over a period of six years, buying them the latest designer accessories and Swarovski crystals.

Louise Harris, 31, treats her Yorkshire terriers, Lola, Lulu and Larry, like they are her own children, and even she is surprised at the amount she has spent to make sure they live a lavish lifestyle.

“Even I’m a bit shocked at the amount I’ve spent on them - it’s totally barmy!” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“A lot of people think I’m mad, and I realise it’s completely over the top, but I want to give them the best life I possibly can,” she said.

She has spent 2,000 pounds on a four-poster bed, 600 pounds on collars and tiaras, 2,500 pounds on bespoke jewellery, 4,000 pounds on Christmas presents, 26,000 pounds on designer clothes, and 8,000 pounds on toys.

Added to them are doggie bowls for 2,400 pounds, pet carriers for 8,000 pounds, burns holistic food for 4,500 pounds, dog insurance for 5,000 pounds, photography for 2,000 pounds, oil painting for 3,000 pounds, and birthday parties for 5,000 pounds.

The dogs also get personal weekly massages and deep coat conditioning treatments, and the jewellery, which are worn on special occasions, are of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and gold leaf.

“My dogs are well cared for and are spoilt with love as well as presents so I don’t see anything wrong with spending so much on them,” Harris stated.

Her obsession however turned into something of a career, when after searching for accessories, she spotted a gap in the UK market for luxury dog products and set up her own dog boutique and grooming parlour Diva Dogs.

Clients now include television presenters and footballers’ wives. (ANI)

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