US state civic association elect canine as president!

Monday, February 21, 2011

MELBOURNE - Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend, they can lead men too - meet Ms Beatha Lee - a shaggy wheaten terrier who was chosen as president of Hillbrook-Tall Oaks Civic Association this year.

When the 20-year-old organisation held its annual meeting last June only the names and qualifications of candidates for president were announced.

Lee was described as a relatively new resident, interested in neighbourhood activities and the outdoors, and who had experience in Maine overseeing an estate of 26 acres, newspaper Washington Post reports.

And the crowd of about 50 raised their hands, assuming that the candidate was a civic-minded newcomer.

“She had a name. It wasn’t Spot or Rover. It was a first and last name, so everyone thought she was human,” the Daily Telegraph quoted resident Robin Klein Browder as saying.

It turned out that the duly elected president is actually the companion of former president Mark Crawford, who was ineligible to run for another term, so he threw Beatha’s collar in the ring and now serves as vice president under his commanding canine.

Asked how she was doing at the job, Crawford replied, “Well, she delegates a lot. That’s what executives are supposed to do - delegate.” (ANI)

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