Barefoot Oz fisherman steps on croc while fishing, gets bitten

Sunday, October 24, 2010

MELBOURNE - An Aussie fish farmer got bitten when he stepped on a crocodile while out fishing barefoot in saltie-infested waters.

However, champion crab wrangler Bill Boustead, in his mid-60s, said having his foot trapped in a two-metre croc’s jaws at Howards Peninsula was, “no big deal”.

“I could have grabbed him, pulled him inside out and turned him into a handbag. There’s not even a decent scar to show my grandkids,” quoted him as telling the Northern Territory News.

“It happened so fast - I just touched him and he grabbed me.

“The crocodile did not want to bite me…he was just telling me to p*** off,” Boustead said.

Boustead’s rude encounter happened on September 15, two days after an attack on a man at Adelaide River, 114km south of Darwin.

The man was rushed to hospital with puncture wounds to his leg after a 4m crocodile attacked him at the water’s edge while he was washing his dogs.

His mate rescued him by punching the crocodile.

Boustead said his nibble on the toes was nothing in comparison.

“Just a few tooth marks. I took some antibiotics and now I’m as good as gold,” he said. (ANI)

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