Migratory birds feel at home in Keetham Lake

Sunday, January 23, 2011

AGRA - The favourable winter climate of tropical India attracts thousands of birds from different parts of the globe to Keetham Lake, which is located near Uttar Pradesh’s Agra city.

Amit Kumar Singh, the game warden of the bird sanctuary, told reporters on Saturday that due to the presence of various migratory birds, many bird enthusiasts are visiting the lake.

“Thousands of people are coming to watch the migratory birds. Students from Aligarh Muslim University, research scholars from Delhi University and many bird watchers are also coming here to watch the birds,” said Singh.

He further said that birds from different countries like China, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Siberia and other places are nesting in the lake.

Over hundred varieties of migratory birds including bar headed Goose, Pelicans, china coot, ducks, open bill stork, black necked heron and spoon bill stark etc. at the lake.

Anup Kumar Bari, a student from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), who visited the lake with a group of his college friends, said that they were able to view many foreign birds at the lake.

“We are able to see many varieties of birds here at this place. The migratory birds have come from places like China, Sri Lanka etc. We are feeling very good after coming here. The officials here should try to maintain the peaceful environment in and around the lake. I am happy to see that such a habitat has been provided to the birds here and many migratory birds are coming here,” noted Bari.

The Keetham Lake has been a natural habitat for the migratory birds with artificially created islands for shelter and breeding.

It is a haven for various birds as it is full of fish that serve as their diet.

For the purpose of viewing the birds, about eight watch towers have been erected in the vicinity of the lake and for the first time, two guides have been appointed to help the visitors in identifying various birds.

Keetham Lake, which is also known as the ‘Sur Sarovar’, is a tranquil spot, ideal for a relaxed outing, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

The migratory birds add to the natural charm and beauty of the place. (ANI)

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