Obama 2009 financials include $1600 pet Bo

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama raked in a lot of moolah in 2009 - millions of dollars in book royalties and a 1600-dollar worth dog which was listed as income on annual financial disclosure forms released by the White House.

The Portuguese water dog, which was a gift from the late Senator Ted Kennedy, has been officially listed as the President’s income.

According to CBS News, apart from an inheritance worth 1,000 dollars or less from his grandmother, Obama earned between 1 million dollars and 5 million dollars each, for his two books “Dreams From My Father” and “Audacity of Hope”.

The other chunk of his finances include jointly held funds with wife Michelle, that were worth between about 2.2 million dollars and 7.5 million dollars in 2009, 1.4 million dollars from winning the Nobel Peace Prize, which the president donated to charity and of course, his salary which is 400,000 US dollars.

Vice President Joe Biden, however, received just one academic literature - a first-edition copy of “Anna Livia Plurabelle” signed by the author, James Joyce, and valued at 3,500 dollars, according to his financial disclosure report.

The giver was Margaret Spanel, a donor to Democratic candidates. (ANI)

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