Brit MPs brand new expenses system a “f***ing abortion”

Thursday, August 26, 2010

LONDON - MPs in Britain have branded their new expenses system a “f***ing abortion” and called officials “monkeys”, reveal new documents.

Expenses staff were reduced to tears by one woman MP, who threatened to “murder someone”, while a menacing male colleague thumped a computer, the Sun reported.

Ranting politicians also chucked papers at officials and accused staff of being “f***ing idiots” and “liars”.

The shocking abuse is spelt out in confidential reports released by new expenses watchdog the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

Names of MPs involved have been blanked out, but ex-Labour minister Denis MacShane admitted he was one of them.

The report said he became “very difficult and disruptive” and reduced an IPSA volunteer to tears.

He later apologised and gave the woman a box of chocolates.

But MacShane said the report was “inaccurate and one-sided”.

It gives details of ten separate cases where MPs abused expenses staff.

In one case, an official describes how an MP angrily condemned the new system as a “f***ing abortion” and “f***ing s**t”. He also branded IPSA’s boss Sir Ian Kennedy “stupid”.

One female MP, described as “loud and disruptive”, called “all the trainers and staff ‘monkey’”.

Another, accused of being “very aggressive”, demanded to know if staff were getting bonuses, before grabbing one official by her name badge.

And an angry male MP walked into an office and yelled at staff: “I am going to attack you at every step.” (ANI)

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